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Guatemala Stove Project | By Design it is the best

Guatemala Stove Project

Rocket stove designOur Guatemala Stove Project is different from all the attempts to make changes in the needs of the people of Guatemala as it relates to health hazards from open fire wood stove cooking and the deforestation of Guatemala for wood for the purpose of cooking food each day.

An number of Guatemala Stove Projects exist in Guatemala with the goal of reducing or eliminating deadly smoke gases as woman cook on open fires in the outlying villages of the Highland of Guatemala. This is a serious health problem that we address in our Guatemala Stove Project. Using the design of the proven Rocket Stove Design used in Haiti, our Guatemala Stove burns clean and without deadly smoke around the person cooking.

A second consideration of our Guatemala Stove Project is the use of fuel in this case fire wood. While other Guatemala Stove Projects deal with smoke as the primary purpose of there wood cooking stoves, they fail to consider the cost of wood and the massive deforestation caused by the need of Guatemalan’s to harvest wood every single day just to cook a meal. The Guatemala Stove Project we propose and have implemented uses 50% less wood then the stoves suggested by other Guatemala Stove Projects.

rocket stove openOur Guatemala Stove Project is different then other projects seeking donations to purchase cook stoves for Guatemalan’s. Our stoves are cheap, easy to build and fit the needs of a culture that has long cooked on traditional stoves. Join our Guatemala Stove Project and find out how you can get involved with teaching others how to build a and develop there own Guatemala Stove Project.

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