Lake Atitlan Guatemala Realtor

Santo Domingo Guatemala

Having lived in Guatemala for a number of years I have had many Travellers and Friends complain about the lack of response and follow up with Realtors in Guatemala. In Antigua Guatemala this act of lack of interest to respond to e-mail requests for vacation rental property is not new.

I have found myself in the position many times of waiting and wondering if a Realtor was going to meet me at a property, get the lease organized and the other related task involved in obtaining a vacation rental property. I am not sure what the lack of interest or professionalism is with Guatemala Real Estate companies.

Most are owned by American or Canadian interests, yet they all appear to operate with the same MO. Must be so much business in Antigua Guatemala that no one needs to care.

Recently a friend was looking for a Vacation Rental Home in Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Lake Atitlan as it is know is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Around Lake Atitlan one will find many homes for rent as vacation rentals, short term and long term. Again Lake Atitlan has a number of Real Estate operations supplying vacation rental services for home owners around the Lake.

My friend started off with looking at Vacation Rental sites like VRBO, Home Away and many others. She filled out forms and sent requests for more information. Some responded many did not or did a few weeks later. One Realtor in Lake Atitlan was associated with a few properties on VRBO and in a traditional Guatemala Realtor fashion responded about a month later to my friends request for vacation rental options.

With my friend becoming frustrated I suggested a group I knew at Lake Atitlan. A little promotion for Mayan Lake Realty (MLR) is a bespoke-style Real Estate Agency providing you with a professional, knowledgeable and personal service for all your real estate requirements: Selling, Buying, Rentals (Long and Short term), and Property Management.

MLR is based in the Guatemalan Highland’s town of Panajachel on the shores of the famous volcanic Lake Atitlan. Our portfolio covers towns around the lake shore and parts of the caldera, as well as some further afield like Antigua, the coast, Rio Dulce, and even Mexico and El Salvador.

We are an El Salvadorian / British couple, who have chosen Lake Atitlan as our home. Between us we have an extensive knowledge of Guatemala, the Lake Atitlan area, and real estate. Not only can we help you with all your real estate requirements, but also with any transport or travel, finding a Spanish teacher or school, or information on volunteer opportunities, visa requirements, or supporting one of the many wonderful NGOs (non-profits) working around the lake.

My friend made a trip to Lake Atitlan and met with Francesca Wade & Rene Mendez the owners of Mayan Lake Realty. A Long day of riding on Boats around the Lake took place. Many vacation homes were reviewed and a decition time came. Over the next few weeks Francesca worked and worked with my friend. Follow up emails, skype calls and in the end my friend found what she was looking for and the deserving owners of Mayan Lake Realty got a well deserved commission.

All said if you are looking for vacation rentals on Lake Atitlan Guatemala give Francesca and Rene your business you will not be disappointed.


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