Antigua Guatemala | Weather Report

Antigua Guatemala Weather is often described as the land of never ending spring. With June’s arrival Antigua like much of the rest of the Highlands see weather for most of the month of June bringing heavy rains from the Storms that develop off the Pacific Cost line of Guatemala. The Antigua Weather while wet in June does not appear to effect Tourists heading to Guatemala. June in Antigua is the time when families come to this Unesco site as Airlines and Travel Agents offer discounts to make up for the rainy season which can be also considered the Slow Season for Travellers.

Antigua Guatemala Weather Report
Antigua Guatemala Weather Report

Antigua Guatemala Weather for June came in with heavy rain from Tropical Storm Betty for the beginning of the month of June 2012. Almost three years to the date of Tropical Storm Agatha which devastated much of Guatemala with the hardest hit areas being the Highland of Guatemala in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala. An erratic Tropical Storm Debby stalled just off the coast of Guatemala Before turning north into Mexico. Betty while passing Guatemala dumped heavy rain over most of Guatemala almost on the anniversary date of Tropical Storm Agatha three year before.

June in Guatemala represents the official beginning of the rainy season for this Central American country. As Pacific currents change in June, storms grow off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala stretching from Monterrico in the south and form growing as far north as Sepicate before they head inland in to the Highland of Guatemala. As these storms develop of the coast of Guatemala the weather in the highlands of Guatemala can change by the hour. Effecting Antigua and the Lake Atitlan Regions. As these storms travel across Guatemala they always head north east to the Caribbean Coast of Line of Guatemala seeking warm moisture.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Weather is very predictable during the month of June. Lake Atitlan has mornings full of incredible SunRises as Lake Atitlan is considered The Most Beautiful lake in the World. Travellers can be sure of great adventures around the lake but cut short your activities for the Afternoons on the Lake. Today June 8th 2013 saw a perfect day start in the morning on the Lake which quickly turned into heavy Rain for most of the afternoon. Looking at the radar for Lake Atitlan a line of thunderstorms developed just north of Monterrico Guatemala, then turned north east and dumped heavy rain on Lake Atitlan for over tow hours.

For more on Antigua and Lake Atitlan Guatemala Weather please follow our now daily blog posting about the Weather in Guatemala.


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