Guatemala Weather Forecasts for the next 5 days

I am weather-obsessed as the official Guatemala Weather Forecaster.  Yes, I admit it.  Not a day goes by while I site at Lake Atitlan Guatemala that I don’t look at the weather report…not once, not twice, but numerous times a day.  In my defense, I did grow up on a farm where the chores of the day were dependent on the weather of the day.  Springing out of bed every morning, my first thought was, “I wonder how the day is going to shape up”.  Is it going to rain? Or is the sun going to shine?  Guatemala Weather junkie you ask?…Why yes, guilty as charged.

While some of you may be shaking your head, laughing or rolling your eyes at me, others of you may even think there may be a 10-step program in my future…I say heavy rain storm, I’m all for it, thunder and lightning – bring it on.  Snow…well if it’s going to snow, I don’t want 2-3 inches.  I want an all out snowstorm…massive amounts of snow, the kind you measure by feet.  Well you get the picture. I almost had that a few Weeks ago as Tropical Storm Betty threatened my Weather Forecasting abilities whne Betty almost slammed into Guatemala. A not predicted Weather Forecast.

English: Lake Atitlan. Guatemala Español: Lago...
English: Lake Atitlan. Guatemala Español: Lago Atitlán, Guatemala Français : Lac Atitlán, Guatemala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently though, my weather obsession for Guatemala Forecasting has taken me to a whole new level…no longer is my local weather enough…now I’m a global Guatemala weather junkie leaving Lake Atitlan for a country wide if not global approach to my daily Weather Forecasts.  With tornado, tropical storm and hurricane season underway, my obsession with weather is being fed like a junkie.

Enter into the picture on my Kindle.  It’s my weather forecast drug of choice.  Their automated weather and radar maps allow me to view the storm cells and their intensity and direction.  Now that’s a forecast! It’s awesome!

Yeah, I’m a weather forecasting junkie for Guatemala– I have been my whole life.


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