Lake Atitlan during the rainy season

So how do you feel about thunderstorms?  Do you hate them? Like them? Do they frighten you? Or do they energize you? Me…I love thunderstorms in Guatemala. They arrive early evening in Lake Atitlan during the rainy season which starts in June.

Lake Atitlan Weather
Lake Atitlan Weather

If you live near Lake Atitlan Guatemala, as I do, you know that afternoon thunderstorms are the norm during rainy season.  A day can start with absolutely clear blue sky in the morning, with out a trace of a cloud and no storms predicted, and give way to an intense energy that builds as the dark clouds begin to roll in. 

Thunderstorms in the mountains of Lake Atitlan Guatemala can come up seemingly out of nowhere.  They tend to form mid to late afternoon and those thunderstorms are usually accompanied by lightning in the sky illuminating the volcanoes and thunder roaring in the mountains.  The skies seem to break open.  It is certainly a source of both terror and awe.  

With the downpour of rain and the intense lightening illuminating the sky behind the volcanoes and mountains…well there is nothing as spectacular to me.  With every rolling boom of thunder, it’s as if the powerful Mayan Gods are majestically trying to send a message.  As the lightning flashes and the thunder crackles all around me, I feel an energy like none other.

Amidst the beautiful splendor of Nature, the thunderstorms moves across the lake in a dramatic, mysterious, and magical way, all framed by the gorgeous volcanoes.



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