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The LCBO Beer and Wine Campaign is Back

The LCBO Beer and Wine Campaign is Back

A few years ago the LCBO Beer and Wine Campaign upset the Political types in Ontario that protect the LCBO and its management. Or mismanagement as the latest Toronto Sun articles talks about more waste and strikes by the LCBO Union. Two years ago the LCBO Beer and Wine Campaign followed along as Politicians lied and debated the idea of selling the LCBO or Privatizing the LCBO. As the Political type swung at each other about the LCBO we as Canadians sat in our dept ridden high un employment Province giving the sword waving politician another so what.

The cry to privatize the LCBO is heard across the province of Ontario as the patrons of the LCBO avoided another summer strike by the LCBO Union employees. If the politician had any backbone at all at the Provincial level they would Privatize the LCBO, and place this business in the hands of professionals that understand customer service.

We as consumers of Alcohol have to suffer through the LCBO staff that are rude and do not care about our needs. Which is typical of a Union attitude, something like the steel workers in Hamilton strike they said and the factor owners said good bye.

As the Toronto Sun Headline reads.

LCBO technology contract one year late, $425,000 over budget.

Today, hundreds of world-class companies, representing thousands of facilities with complex, high-volume operations, are powered by TECSYS.

“Tecsys ended up being the winner, both in overall capacity and in price,” LCBO’s Hugh Kelly, senior vice president of information technology, said in July 2011 after six firms bid on the contract.

“A million bucks is a lot of money if it’s yours and mine, but when you’re looking at acquiring software and implementation services, it’s really not a whole lot,” he told ComputerWorld Canada at the time.

Hugh Kelly must live in a dome with radiating karma flowing over his body to make such a statement in fact Hugh ,a Million bucks of tax payers dollars is a lot to spend on the type of system that is for the most part off the shelf from companies like Oracle. Is the LCBO recreating the idea of inventory management? Must be for the price they just shelled out.

Now we focus on the LCBO management which like the union are incompetent with you the tax payers dollars. The latest is this database the LCBO management had attempted to contract out. In todays world you could run a small country on the budget the LCBO management has just blown on this system. Again we as the tax payers that are held hostage by the Government and the LCBO allow management to make these kinds of mistakes without accountability.

If I lived on the border of Quebec and Ontario I would organize a strike on the LCBO. This happened with drugs where Americans flooded Canadian Borders in search of cheap meds. If we striek on the LCBO then the Union would have no funds and collapse. Hardly what will happen as we as Canadian’s just take in the ass and love it for some reason.

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