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Antigua Guatemala Social Media News Blog

Antigua Guatemala Social Media News Blog gets a complete update with new look and feel. After two years and over 900 articles about Travel in Guatemala we decided to give the old sites a new look and feel. For those who lack technical skills this is a WordPress site, it is free and works great with all the SEO stuff.

Over the last two years we have written over 400 articles about Guatemala, Travel, Vacations, Tikal, Livingston, Lake Atitlan, Livingston and Montericco Guatemala. The idea and the idea remains the same write about the greatness of Guatemala as a travel destination which it truly is. We landed in the Vacation Rental Business in Antigua. Landed meaning within a year using our web skills were the number one rated vacation rental for all of Guatemala.

We seldom complain much like we did about Our Man In Antigua, he thought he was talking to a woman when he became upset about an article we wrote about the Our Man in Antigua Guides he was selling. The guide for 100Q was a nothing guide made up of the bars he hangs out with, not a guide unless you are a drunk.

Great crazy friends we have in Antigua, George or Georges Travel Club of Guatemala. George takes travelers to a different level of client service. George being from NY demands NY style service for his guests traveling to Guatemala and that they do get.

Lee at Lake Atitlan with Kayak’s Guatemala. A great guide for the Lake, Lee and crew we together survived Tropical Storm Agatha as we watched mud slides and mountains come tumbling into San Cruz. The best realtor I found in all of Guatemala Mayan Lake Realty in Pana. Great People. Best place to hang out San Pedro at the lake.

Livingston Guatemala love it the most fun cool place to hang out. Has not been spoiled like Antigua Has.

A new site for all and we will continue to build web sites for friends like Nancy at Guatemala Reservations.




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