Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels

My “Best 5 Antigua Guatemala Hotels” in the following categories are:

  • Best “Get Your Garden On” Antigua Guatemala Hotel:
  • Quinta de las Flores (Country House of Flowers) easily wins this category. Staying at this hotel is like staying at a private nature sanctuary. The gardens are large and stunning and they are complemented with hammocks, gazebos, fountains and a pool! Oh, and from the gardens, Quinta de las Flores has one of the most amazing views that can be found of Antigua’s nearby Agua Volcano. The accommodations are very good, but simple – thus further highlighting this property’s best feature – the spectacular gardens! You need to book this hotel early, because it is often full. 
  • Best Love in the Ruins Antigua Guatemala Hotel:
  • This selection is a “split decision” which goes to Antigua’s Hotel Cirilo and also to the larger and more famous Casa Santo Domingo. Both of these properties are spectacularly beautiful and YES both are built right into centuries-old ruins – making them unique in the world. Hotel Cirilo is a boutique hotel with just a half dozen rooms. I LOVE how Hotel Cirilo has ‘fused’ modern architectural design with ruins as the backdrop. Wow! As for Casa Santo Domingoa large and truly lovely luxury hotel – they get rave reviews from everyone AND… those reviews are well deserved, because this hotel is near-flawless on all counts.
  • Best “Value with Colonial Authenticity” Antigua Guatemala Hotel:
  • Antigua has a number of ‘economy hotel’ options, but this category winner, Casa Antigua, gives travelers value within the walls of a large, beautiful old Colonial Home that is “sprinkled” with some amazing Colonial Art and Colonial Furniture. Centrally located, Casa Antigua gives its guests the feeling that they are actually living in Colonial times and at this hotel they get to do it at a bargain price, and who doesn’t like that… 
  • Best “Boutique Suave” Antigua Guatemala Hotel:
  • This is another “split decision” with the selection going this time to Antigua’s Casa Encantada and Meson Panza Verde hotels. I love both of these hotels and for the same reasons – both are beautiful, both have great accommodations and staff and both are just… cool (suave)! Cocktails at Casa Encantada‘s rooftop bar – love! Dinner at Meson Panza Verde‘s interior courtyard/garden restaurant – mmmm! You can’t go wrong with either of these beautiful, well-run boutique hotels.
  • Best “Over the Top” Antigua Guatemala Hotel:
  • Palacio de Dona Leonor is so incredibly “manicured” that it just makes me giggle – thus it wins Best “Over the Top” Antigua Guatemala Hotel. The large, meticulous-maintained, European-style interior garden is just one of the hotel’s many big “wow” factors – as are the over-sized Colonial Windows and the rooms’ enormous 4-post beds! Everything about this hotel pays homage to ‘attention to detail’ right down to how they maintain their own orchid nursery – on-premise – so that the hotel always has blooming orchids of all types, all year round. Opps… I just got the giggles again! Got to love this place! Palacio de Dona Leonor!



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