Lake Atitlan Guatemala Weather Forecast

Our Lake Atitlan Guatemala Weather Forecast from the office of the Chief Meteorologist whose weather reports can be read weekdays and in Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan reports on his first hand views of the local weather for Lake Atitlan.

“Beel Lesman” is a recognized historian of Lake Atitlan and in taking on the role of Guatemala Chief Meteorologist he helped predict many storms as they approached the highland of Guatemala. Most notable was Tropical Storm Betty which just turned north before slamming into Mexico.

Along with weather forecasts for Lake Atitlan Guatemala the Guatemala Chief Meteorologists office has been following the earthquakes allong the Pacific Coast line of Guatemala. Which has seen a number of quakes reported today.

June 15 – This is the best time of the year for visitors to Guatemala. What is technically considered the rainy season, although we have had clear skies, meteor showers at night, beautiful sunny weather, and crystal clear waters on Lake Atitlan. It is normal to have this type of weather (a break in the rains) a little later in the season.

It is called the Canicula. A period of time during the rainy season that is does not rain. Perhaps it is early this year, perhaps we will have two Caniculas, or perhaps the 13 Baktun Mayan calendar cycle is starting an entirely new weather pattern. Whatever you want to call it . . . it can only be described as PERFECT. This is the FAMILY holiday season.

We have loads of families with the kids out of school. Guatemala is the perfect family holiday destination. Easy flights from the US, inexpensive budget, and lots of fun activities for everyone.

Today we had some kayaking groups paddling in the morning, taking advantage of the great weather. This afternoon we took a group for a rock climbing session. Tonight we are sitting under the stars watching the meteor shower.

June 16 – More of the same. We hope all the summer visitors to Guatemala this June 2013 appreciate the unusually great weather and get out and enjoy the wonders of Lake Atitlan. Sunday is market day in Chichicastenango, and many people will be headed in that direction. We are going to get a head start on the fun by traveling to Chichi Saturday night. I

It is great fun and a very different experience to see the people arrive at the market on Saturday night, set up their stalls, and enjoy the company of friends. Come and join us. And Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.

June 17 – The weather is holding on its perfect pattern of sunny skies and brief afternoon showers in isolated locations. We have more American families arriving today, with kids of all ages. Something about Lake Atitlan brings the child out in everyone. Act like a kid and wiggle your toes in the sand, giggle, and have a choco-banana. Enjoy life and forget about your worries at Lake Atitlan.


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