Guatemala Interent User Problems | Now NetFlix

If you own a Tablet, a Kindle or a Mac Ipad, or a Iphone or other Cell phone you may have found that the folks from Netflix have added or had downloaded to your device over night a Netflix app. While enjoying your time in Guatemala if you click on this app when you get home or at the end of this month you may get charged on your credit card for your new Netflix service.


Thanks Netflix for invading my privacy. Now NetFlix paid a fee to all these companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple huge fees to have this app downloaded to your device.

Now for our warning about this. You might see a message click here or your device has been updated. A teaser to get you to click on this Netflix little icon staring at you. If you do the chances are you have just enabled Netflix for your device.

WOW I get a free trial well not exactly. If you have a Kindle you have an Amazon account with your credit card information now authorized to be charged to Netflix. Yes you will get the free trial the issue will be after 30 days you start to get billed all without you knowing. The the process begins of turning off this free trial and getting your back.

More Guatemala SEO news later today.


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