Antigua Guatemala Running Short Of Water

Antigua Guatemala Running Short Of Water. Antigua Guatemala if your search TripAdvisor or lonely planet you will find is the gem of Guatemala Tourism and travel. With over 100 hotels, Restaurants and Bars, Antigua is the place to come if you plan travel to other Guatemala destinations. From Antigua you can reach Lake Atitlan, Tikal, the beaches of Monterrico and Livingston using various forms of transportation.

English: visitors in Antigua Guatemala
English: visitors in Antigua Guatemala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For those that do not follow the Politics of Antigua the Mayor was arrested last year for using funds earmarked for the city of Antigua for other personal needs. The result the Antigua Mayor is now in Prison and the city is left with a short fall of cash for many projects. One is water. Now those living in Antigua find that there water is turned off at 10:00 at night and not turned back on till early morning.


The Water shortage in Antigua has now reached into the heart of the tourism industry and has started effecting Hotels. Hotels consume a lot of water in order to service the thousands of annual traveler’s arriving in Antigua. Recently we found a number of Hotels are having to take the need for a supply of water into there own hands and are building systems to capture rain water. It is the rainy season in Guatemala which is perhaps the reason Hotels are planning to have there own source of fresh water for there guests.


I am sure that most guests arriving in Antigua will not find any signs of Water shortages in Hotels. Most of this inconvenience is found with home owners who now must consider alternatives to find sources of water.




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