Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala | Our stay at Pasaj-Cap

Our stay was absolutely incredible at Pasaj-Cap! We couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming, comfortable, and well-located place.  From the moment we arrived we were welcomed by both Pierre and Domingo, who throughout our stay were never far away.

Pasaj-Cap Guatemala
Pasaj-Cap Guatemala

We couldn’t have been happier with our accommodations. The Belem loft was spotlessly cleaned, airy and light, well equipped and extremely comfortable.  It had it all!  Breath-taking views over Lake Atitlan and a peaceful and quiet setting to get away from it all.

If this is not enough, there are quiet spaces all around the grounds where you can find gardens and hammocks with views to delight your spirit.

And let’s now talk of Lake Atitlan itself.  The writer Aldous Huxley called Lake Atitlan Guatemala “the most beautiful lake in the world.” We have to agree.  Lake Atitlan is for the traveler who loves beauty and magnificent views, the hiker, the kayaker, the spiritual, and the lover of beauty.  With the stunning green color of the surrounding mountains and the spectacular views of three volcanoes, to the bright vibrant colors of the flowers growing from the sides of the surrounding cliffs, the beauty of Lake Atitlan Guatemala will surely take your breath away.  Everyone talks about Lake Atitlan and rightfully so.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala is a dream come true where the weather is warm, the lake is dramatic, the air is fresh and fragrant, and the mountains and volcanoes are mysterious and magical.  These are the images that we were blessed to see each morning.  It is truly a visceral experience.  We found ourselves just sitting on the dock, long after we’d finished our day, simply staring into the depths of the lake.  No pressures, only stillness and quiet, a chance to breathe a little slower and feel a bit more deeply.

Pasaj-Cap is a hidden gem, tucked away a short walk from San Marcos.  We couldn’t recommend it enough.  If you are still undecided as to where to spend your vacation, look no further!  Pasaj-Cap is the place for you.  This place is fantastic!

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  1. WHAT IS YOUR CONTACT INFO and email? I’d like to include you in the free

    Thanks, Catherine Todd


      1. Where are your directory sites for Lake Atitlan? Is there a link to see more about Pasaj-Cap, near San Marcos?

        Do you have any contact other than your blog here?


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