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Over the last few weeks I have written about Guatemala Internet screwing up there DNS which resulted in many users finding they could not reach the internet from there laptops, WIFI and other means of connecting to the internet in Guatemala. This then let us to write about why your web site did not appear in search engines. Which we followed with a series of articles about SEO or search engine optimization. I hope all found this of help for your Travel site in Guatemala.

This blog shows why a business in the Travel Industry in Antigua Guatemala needs to consider blogging to help promote there Antigua Travel Business. Results count or proof that blogging and social media works.

The proof for this little blog is Google antigua guatemala travel reviews. you will find our little site on the top of the search results. Mixed in with,, and Our little site is firmly planted on the first page along with one of our client sites.

being found on-line

For those of you interested we have started another project for some friends in California. Surfing Madonna is the project. Alexis Chandler who acts as the spokes person for this group has started a global plan to take Surfing Madonna Org. global seeking to find other surfing communities around the world known as the Ten Deadliest Waves, to have an installation of this Madonna in these surfing locations.  Alexis grew up in Pebble Beach California which has two of the Dealiest Wave locations for surfers in the world.


surfing Madonna
surfing Madonna

The Mosaic has a permanent home in Encinita Ca arranged by Mark Patterson and Bob Nichols. Surfing Madonna Oceans Project spokes person Alexis Chandler challenges artists from Banzai Pipeline, Ghost Trees, Mavericks, Teahupoo, Waimea, Shipstern Bluff, Dungeons, Cyclops, Ours and New Smyrna to create Mosaic’s in the ten deadliest wave locations in the world.


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