Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Real Estate | Finding the Best

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Real Estate | Finding the Best

In my Blog Posts I only write about the wonders of Guatemala. Friends of mine from the US decided to take a break and headed to Guatemala for 4 months. They decided Lake Atitlan Guatemala having spent time in Guatemala they are seasoned travelers and as this blog talks about they have had a number of Real Estate experiences on Guatemala.

Most of us have found Realtors in Guatemala can be hit or miss. And often the best way to deal with Real Estate is direct with the owner. Landing in Panajachel Guatemala which it the gateway to Lake Atitlan.

Best Lake Atitlan Realtor
Best Lake Atitlan Realtor

We started the quest for a Vacation Rental Property and a Realtor to aid them in the quest. We would not recommend is Mayan Lake Real Estate. Mayan Lake Real Estate we have found many complaints about Mayan Lake Real Estate

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Real Estate | Finding the Best

Finding a good Realtor at Lake Atitlan Guatemala is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  We should know.  In the last 5 years we have completed 7 real estate transactions and had become ‘realtor ragged’.  We have seen the tactics of some real estate agents and were wary of many of them and the services they provide.  Needless to say, we have learned the hard way that entrusting this process to a mediocre agent causes a lot of stress and can cost money.

Do you know when you meet the right person, you feel it instinctively? That’s what happened to us when we stumbled upon David Yates of Lake Atitlan Luxury Vacation Rentals at Panajachel Guatemala.  David’s outgoing and warm personality instantly connected with us.  After leaving his office we both wholeheartedly agreed that we had finally found the agent to help us find our home.

David is amazing to work with. What we liked most about him is that he is genuine and has the highest standard of integrity, which is hard to find in a realtor and hard to find with people in general.  David’s knowledge of the local market, his outstanding work ethic, and people skills make him the obvious choice if you are looking for a realtor.

He was easily reachable at all hours even on the weekends. Most importantly he took the time and patience to explain things in detail.  We felt very well cared for during the transaction, but the service did not end there.  David has been a wonderful resource and has provided us with many contacts for carpentry, plumbing and contract work. He has checked in with us, helping us on more than one occasion with English/Spanish translation as we have worked with local Spanish speaking workers for minor renovations to our new home.

We can’t say enough about David.  He was always there when we needed him—prompt with answers and ideas, and leaving us with the feeling that he had 100% of our welfare at heart.  Recently we have talked to people who have bought houses and felt that their real estate agent wasn’t doing all that they could for them. We tell them about David and the fabulous job he did for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with David’s work. If you’re thinking of buying or selling and want someone to work with your interests in mind then choose David Yates of Century 21. We highly recommend David to anyone looking to sell or buy in Panajachel Guatemala.

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