Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala WIFI how to make it faster

If have just landed in Guatemala City on your way to Lake Atitlan or Antigua you will find ample high speed Internet and Wifi available all over Guatemala. No matter what you read in TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet or other Travel web sites about internet in Guatemala the truth is Guatemala has state of the art Internet, Wifi and Telco services even in the highlands of Guatemala.

Then some will ask why is my Wifi slow in Guatemala? This has nothing to do with the Guatemala Internet service. You can trust our opinion because we are the same folks that told Guatemala Internet users how to change there DNS setting which were causing much of Guatemala problems. Even a few commented on the fact that NetFlix was not connecting. So we are the source of real information.


If you own a tablet, a I-phone a laptop anything you dragged with you to Guatemala for your vacation this fix works for all. If you are even slightly technical. Like most we have joined a number of Wifi networks in our travels. All of these accounts are stored on your computer your Wifi logins from Hotels, Internet Cafe’s and so on. That is the problem your device is now attempting to connect to a fast state of the art network. While the US still has 4g coming at a stupid price Guate has had it for a while.

What happens is when you join a Wifi network in Guatemala all those old connections to other Wifi networks is attempting to connect to other networks you have stored in your Tablet, phone or Kindle. This confuses your computer as it keeps trying to find old networks.

The solution is simple go into your preferences for your Wifi no matter the devise and delete all these old Wifi connections leaving only the one you are using in Guatemala. On a Mac include the keychain.

Reboot and you will have the luxury of high speed Wifi compliments of the Hotel or any location in Guatemala. Enjoy your vacation in Guatemala.

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Lake Atitlan Internet and Wifi Services


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