Facebook The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

Facebook The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

First of all Facebook is not a real company as all of us are accustomed to having Business Relationships with. The list of Legal Actions, Independent Law Suites and Justice Department Investigations of Facebook make Hillary Clinton look like a Saint.

You do not have to look very far on-line to see the hate towards Facebook, from Users to Share Holders to Advertisers. Facebook is the most hated Social Network in the World.

Perhaps that is the reason there is no way to talk directly to Facebook about anything. That would be like saying Coke you know that real company that cares about the consumer over profits not like Zuckerberg and his image, the entrepreneur.


Look at Mark Elliot Zuckerberg the Ceo and claimed to be American computer programmer, internet entrepreneur. Hadley the case, from the birth of Facebook Zuckerberg has had legal issues.

Facebook as a technology is junk, something that you could have built for about $500 in todays competitive technology market place. That would be a Facebook Clone that actually worked for the user.

Facebook The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

Zuckerberg has forgone the user experience for profit and forgot about the fact that Facebook users provide all the content that drive Facebook ads. With over 1 billion users mostly that have been obtained through acquisitions like Instagram. Without buying users Facebook would be what it is as a piece of Technical Junk that Zuckerberg stole from others.

Facebook’s IPO was a scam from the start. Hidden information, lingering legal issues over ownership of the technology, Giant payout to get rid of partners. And then the IPO.



Is Facebook the only marketing platform that’s seen declines in organic reach?

Facebook The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

A year ago in the need for Profits Facebook’s Zuckerberg directed development of technology that drove the Organic Search Value of Posts in Facebook to zero. Which has forced users for the Business interests of Facebook to buy Facebook ads. So in a blunt point you want to build a business on-line using Facebook you must buy ads. Again Zuckerberg what about the users that built your company.

There is this idea Zuckerberg created that he is ingenuous he is a con man simple and clear. No matter like all things on-line in 5 years we will be all saying Facebook what was that anyway. That describes the value Facebook offers.


There are over 100 million pages in Google Search describing the hate for Facebook. Impressive Zuckerberg something you can be proud of I am sure.


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