Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Guatemala Story
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Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Guatemala Story

Culture appropriation is a controversial topic, but when it affects an entire community’s economy, it becomes criminal. Companies are buying samples of Maya products made by Guatemalan artisans and mass producing their own. They then claim their products are authentic and handmade by the women in Guatemala.

Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Guatemala Story, has found some of these companies use images of Maya women to give their brand a more authentic look. When confronted, most remove the images, but others prefer to fight back despite the harm they cause. There are hundreds of thousands of fake artisanal products online that infringe copyright laws.

Most simply copy the others hoping some poor consumer will make the mistake and purchase from one of the Ethical Websites.

These fake sites use keywords like tipico backpack, tipico bags, guatemalan leather backpack, tipico topshop, tipico sale. Making claims such as Ethical fashion brand creating a sustainable avenue for Guatemalan artisans. Shop handmade bohemian bags, backpacks, and accessories to support fair trade.

Ethical Fashion Brand | Our Guatemala Story

Ethical Fashion Guatemala recently had an Article Published in the on-line Fashion publication Fashionista. One of the focuses of this article was Tipico Ethical Fashion Brands in Guatemala. It appears Fashion Brands in Guatemala ran by Expats and Gringo’s lack the creative means to come up with a Guatemala Ethical Fashion Brand name that is unique.


One of the most cultural insulting representation of Guatemala handmade textiles is that Fake Marketers use the term Huipil [ˈwipil] (from the Nahuatl word huīpīlli [wiːˈpiːlːi]) is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America. Some of these Ethical Fashion Brands from Guatemala offer Huipil’s in the wrong context. The Huipil is not a commercial product.

Huipil is the dress warn by a woman from a village that identifies her as from that village. Each village in Guatemala has a unique Huipil. A Huipil can take as long as a year to weave. Finding these Huipil” on sites claiming to be a Guatemala Ethical Fashion Brand is an insult to Guatemala Culture and is misleading the consumer.


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