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Supporting Artisans of Guatemala


Shop with purpose supporting Artisans of Guatemala through an Ethical Fashion Brand. Visit Guatemala with a globally recognized Ethical Fashion Brand professionally sourcing company representing the Artisans of Guatemala an Ethical Fashion Brand supporting private label production, wholesale managements and Global Shipping of products to over 150 countries, providing 2 day guaranteed delivery to the US.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala is an Ethical Fashion Brand representing Guatemalan Artisan for the purpose of Textile Sourcing, Ceramics, Leather Products, Coffee and Tours which introduces Wholesale buyers and designers direct to the producers.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides a Fair trade fashion design experience by introducing buyers from around the world to Guatemalan textiles, Back Strap Woven Textiles, Custom Leather Bags, Ceramics, Organic Coffee one of a kind designs protected by Ethical Fashion Guatemala Copyright protection and enforcement services.

Artisans of Guatemala Textile sourcing tours introduce buyers direct to the producers eliminating middlemen. As an Ethical Brand advocate we support and promote Ethical sourcing worldwide, you are buying direct from the producers, not through Middlemen.

People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Seth Godin

Ethical Fashion Made In Guatemala Products

Ethical Fashion Guatemala welcomes you to Guatemala, discover Guatemala Artisan textiles on a buying trip or tour. Meet our artisan who create Ethically sourced products through the Weaving Co-Operatives, handmade products from Organic Cotton, dyed using only herbs and plants, woven by hand on a back strap loom.

Ethical Fashion Made In Guatemala Products.

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