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Ethical Fashion Brand and Guatemala Textile Sourcing Company

Ethical Fashion Brand and Guatemala Textile Sourcing Company.  FAIR Pay NOT Unfair TRADE fashion service specializing in Guatemalan textiles, handmade and embroidered camera straps and Custom Textile Sourcing Tours. Shop with confidence our purpose is supporting  Guatemalan Artisans through proven Fair Trade Policies

Ethical Fashion Guatemala is an Ethical Fashion brand based in Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala marketing Maya artisans and their handmade Art.

Female Artisans Are Impacted the Most.


Woman make up over 90% of the Artisans we work with.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Artisan Products are exported to 150 countries.

$850 Dollars Duty Free to the US. 2 Day Delivery from Guatemala.

We are a website for all Artisans, providing a way for potential customers to work directly with the Artisan that produced your product.

Or products you may be considering?

No middlemen.

Artisans receive 86% of the retail selling price of the products sold.

How will you know?

You pay the Artisan direct.

We call it documented Transparency. We do not seek donations to help support our Artisans. Or make claims of Fair Trade.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides Textile Sourcing directly with the weavers.


Ethical Fashion Guatemala provides Artisan Workshop’s and Buying Tours.

People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Seth Godin

Meeting Artisans in their small shops and homes.

Spent a day and learn the magic.

Workshops creates relationships for people, Learn the craft and how the Mayan Culture plays into the design.

The magic is educating consumers about the quality products, produced by Guatemalan Artisans.

Creating lasting relations, stories, and the magic. If you have Facebook, you can connect long after you have left Guatemala. 



Ethical Fashion Guatemala Handmade Product Sourcing

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