New Guatemala Postal Service
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New Guatemala Postal Service

New Guatemala Postal Service. Years have past since the Guatemala Postal Service closed leaving millions of Guatemalans here and in other countries without an option of the very basics of a mail service in or out of Guatemala.

Ethical Fashion Guatemala
Ethical Fashion Guatemala

What is happening with Correos de Guatemala, Guatemalan Post Office ? Many Rumors exists about some areas of Guatemala having Postal Services, however at this time we cannot confirm that any form of Postal Services is available to or from Guatemala.

After the closure of the Correos de Guatemala, Guatemalan Post Office many new services appeared, some like clubs, a few with Miami postal forwarding address es to Guatemala. Which require you to go to Guatemala City to Pickup your Mail. Other are very expensive services, costing hundreds of Dollars to ship even small packages.

New Guatemala Postal Service

Recently we came across and used services provided by Ethical Fashion Guatemala who has been exporting world wide for Guatemalan Artisans for over a Year.  They hold an Import contract which allows them to Import products from all over the world delivered to your door in Guatemala. Letters to boxes picked up at your home from over 230 countries and delivered to your door in Guatemala.

No membership fees, no huge costs, easy to use and it works. Sent letters from Canada cost $20.00, for those who complain at such a price drive 4 hours to Guatemala city to pick up your mail. It was a bargain and fast 4 days to my house in Xela.


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