Three Hurricane Irene Wine Pairings

What did I do when as soon as I heard there was a hurricane coming to New York City? I closed up shop, and I called my best sipping buddy. I told him to head over to the wine shop straightaway because, “we have to have some truly wonderful wine before the hurricane hits.” Liquor can have heartbreak and beer is great for ballgames, but nothing pairs better with natural disaster than wine.

Hurricane Irene | The Perfect Storm | WAITING FOR IRENE Brooklyn

That would the be the blizzard that walloped New York at the very end of 2010, creating havoc and seriously embarrassing billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was, apparently, off at his home in the part of the world where tropical storms originate. Even now, in the heat and dripping humidity as we await the next smack-down from Mother Nature, that blizzard informs what the city is doing to keep its citizens safe.