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Antigua Guatemala Hotel Guide | Best Hotel With A Pool

The Antigua Guatemala Hotel Guide covers the best 10 hotels in all of Antigua Guatemala by number of Hotel room, services, and tripadvisor number of reviews. Hotel Casa del Parque is situated just steps from the Central Park in Antigua this one of the few Hotels in Antigua with a Pool and Hot Tub. Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Business for sale cocktail lounge

For more information on this Antigua Guatemala Business for sale please e-mail us for pictures and other information @ info@whereisantiguaguatemala.com Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Cafe La Parada

Guatemala is known around the world as a producer of high mountain shade coffee. Antigua and Lake Atitlan are in the heart of this Guatemala Highlands where in much of the great coffee of Guatemala is grown and harvested. Continue reading

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I Can Give You Five Reasons to Spend Christmas in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala keeps a light hand on the Christmas throttle. It’s not like the in-your-face fake and be merry season, which starts before Halloween and is endured in our more Northern climes. Yes, there are lights and people shop for holiday food and presents, but its all much more low key than, say, in Toronto for example. Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Guards and Security for Travelers

For the traveler that have come to Central America and in particular Guatemala and the travel hot spot Antigua Guatemala you will see many men with Shot Guns. Guards at Banks, ATM Machines, Jewelry Stores, jade Shops, Silver Shops and even the odd Tienda. Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Food Recipes Stuffed Chili Peppers

In this series of posts I Mr. Yokobsens will talk about my daily activities as the man to feed, cook, shop and prepare food on a daily basis for friends, family, travelers and guests that share our home over the next six months in Antigua Guatemala. Continue reading

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Shoe shine boys in the Central Park in Antigua Guatemala

The Central Park in the city of Antigua is a very beautiful spot to come and relax and just watch the world unfold around you. There are people reading books, newspapers, kids hanging out and the odd lover’s smooching on the park benches. When I sat in the park, I found it very peaceful and loved to people watch.
As I sat on the benches I could not help but notice the Shoe Shine Boys. These are young children, some I am guessing to be as young as six years old. Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Travel, Lost in Antigua

In Antigua Guatemala, technology will only take you so far when orienteering so this method is the best of both worlds. Click first and then talk and interact with real folks for directions. Pretty good. Either way, don’t be in a hurry. ”Tranquilo” is the byword of Antigua Guatemala. Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Vacation Diary

When I got to the Villa de Antigua, a mix of Spanish colonial architecture and modern brightness, I was greeted by my Canadian hosts who showed me to a beautiful room with high rafters and a generous terrace. From there, in the fading light, I saw the sun setting over three volcanoes, one of which (Fuego) was still belching out a plume of smoke from its furnace insides. Spectacular. Continue reading

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Internet Travel Modem Antigua Guatemala

Upon our turn to Antigua Guatemala for our Winter Vacation we found that our Internet Connect at our new house had not been completed. My wife and I need to be on-line and connected to the Internet every day for our business and yes social media needs. Owning a home in Antigua Guatemala we have many friends and guests that visit us during the cold winter months that Canada offers. Continue reading

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