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Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign | Bill Kennedy, LCBO Deputy Communications

Picture this.  Early 2007, a boardroom meeting with about a dozen dozing gently civil servants, Jeff Newton, The Beer Store’s all round spokesperson and Mr. Fix-it, and Sarah Taylor, TBS Communications Manager.  Also on hand was the chief fox among the chickens, Bill Kennedy, LCBO Deputy Communications Gonzo. It’s the 11th hour, just before launching … Continue reading

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LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign | Posters go up, Posters come down

On a recent summer morning, I was on get-away car duty by 6:30. This is an odd choice for me since I don’t know my right from my west, well, you get the picture. Navigating to the widely scattered LCBO locations in town was a bit freaky for someone who can barely find the Gardner Expressway with a klieg light and the assistance of a Sherpa guide, but I got through it okay. Continue reading

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LCBO News | Wine and Beer Convenience Poster Campaign up and growing

The Wine and Beer Convenience poster is starting to show up everywhere in downtown Toronto and getting a lot of attention from people who say, “Yes. I want wine and beer at my corner store!” Continue reading

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LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign | LCBO Vintages magazine

The Vintage’s magazine is high on production values and a lot of come-ons for the life-altering offerings the store within a store has on special. Continue reading

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5 reasons for wine and beer in Ontario corner stores | Ontario Election Platform

Wine and beer at Ontario corner stores is shaping up to be an election issue as voters consider what their options will be when they head to the polls in October 2011. Here are five reasons the Ontario government, and any politician who wants to sit on the ruling side of the Legislature, should make wine and beer available at our corner stores. Continue reading

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