Ethical fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver in Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver Co-operatives in Guatemala. For most of us, the small villages, perched on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala, wouldn’t be considered a global manufacturing hub.


Guatemala Stove Project | By Design it is the best

Our Guatemala Stove Project is different then other projects seeking donations to purchase cook stoves for Guatemalan's. Our stoves are cheap, easy to build and fit the needs of a culture that has long cooked on traditional stoves.

The Guatemala Wood Stove Project | Based in San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Most famous for weaving we hope this project with also make San Antonio Aguas Calientes famous for building Guatemalan Wood Burning stoves that are health friendly and good for the environment. Smoke is a problem with most stoves, high usage of wood fuel is another and the need to cut and buy wood each days places a huge strain on the Guatemala environment. Our stoves pass the test with using 50% less wood.

A Sustainable Guatemala Wood Burning Stove

They offer many designs from the basic brick stove we have designed to the barrel stove we have built in San Antonio Agua Caliente Guatemala outside of Antigua Guatemala.

The Guatemala Wood Stove Project | Benefits to consider

As we seek out a means of telling Guatemala and the world about our Perfect Guatemala Wood Stove Project some facts about the health issues need to be considered.

The Guatemala Stove Project

Our Guatemala Stove Project stove with everything taken into consideration costs under $35 US.