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Merry Christmas Toronto’s Mayor Ford, We are sending you A Chicken Bus Terminal from Guatemala

While enjoying our winter home far afar away from the Cold of Toronto one cannot refuse the need to once every month or so to check in on the latest events of Toronto Mayor Ford and the TTC wars. The point of this rambling message is to offer the City of Toronto and Mayor Ford a solution to the problems facing tax payers and passengers in Toronto mired in this conflict. A Chicken Bus Transit System or the CBTS. Continue reading

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Yolkobsens travel to Guatemala with a few hundred US dollars

Yolkobsens have found this usually happens during peak holiday times such as La Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) and around Christmas and national holidays. Continue reading

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Mayan market days in Guatemala

Yolkobsens love a good market even when we don’t want or need another thing.  It’s the experience of going to the rich and varied market days in Guatemala that never disappoint us.  Mayan market days in Guatemala are rich in history and full of flavour, textures, colors and scents, many of which you will find … Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala is connected | Rental Villa Reviews

Like you, Yolkobsens like to stay connected to friends and family back home. We’ve found that the Internet cafes in Antigua Guatemala provide a good service to people on the road who find themselves needing a communications fix to get themselves up to speed on the gossip at the home front or to plan and book via Internet the next phase of their trip. Continue reading

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Niagara Wine News | Megalomaniac Homegrown Vineyard

Drive through the winding and dusty path on the road that offers a long view of the Megalomaniac vineyard and get to the shameless self-flattery that the Coldhearted Riesling Icewine offers and join in it’s self-loving pleasures. Only then will you will realize how small you really are. Continue reading

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Ontario Wine News | Stoney Ridge Estate Winery

If the wine is the story, then the winemaker is the author. Stoney Ridge Estate Winery is among the Ontario wineries that have at the helm, a winemaker with a passion for the wine narrative. Here it is Gord Robert that takes a masterly approach to the Ontario wineries story. Continue reading

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About the LCBO Beer Smashbomb Atomic IPA | Beer and Wine Campaign

by Sameer Vasta
The LCBO is responsible for the products it choses to stock on its shelves, but is the banning of Smashbomb Atomic IPA a case of over-sensitivity? Continue reading

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LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign News | By Michael McKinley Hockey, Beer, and Whine

Michael McKinley is the author of the murder mystery The Penalty Killing, nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award as Best First Crime Novel.
Michael is a great friend and supporter of LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign Continue reading

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LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign News | What are people saying ?

LCBO should of been privatized decades ago…heck, alcohol sales should NEVER of been made public-only to begin with!
The most miserable/assholes I’ve ever dealt with in my life were LCBO sales reps. Even worse than Canada Post employees (If you can believe it).
However: You’re not gonna get privatization from upcoming Ontario premiere Tim Hudak. Hudak might only tinker/throw a proverbial ‘bone’ to the public, but any real/visible changes will be verboten. Continue reading

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LCBO Wine and Beer Convenience Campaign News | Poster Pirates

For LCBO store employees that remove our posters, this is a daily battle with them. Each day our posters go up and each day they take them down. Continue reading

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