Ethical fashion Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver in Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver Co-operatives in Guatemala. For most of us, the small villages, perched on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala, wouldn’t be considered a global manufacturing hub.


Antigua Guatemala Food Guide Pork

We love Antigua Guatemala restaurants, which provide an array of menus featuring “tipico” Guatemalan fare as well as everything from fast food to Sushi and French fusion. For this reason we have put this Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Food Guide.

El Punto Restaurant, Antigua Guatemala

Yolkobsens have a favorite Italian restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. El Punto is a charming little establishment behind the Compania de Jesus Church ruins. It holds pride of place as the first restaurant in the 7th Avenida North Barrio, a neighborhood characterized by less pricey and smaller restaurants, Spanish schools and hotels.

Santa Maria Cafe – Antigua Guatemala

Just back from lunch at the punchy little restaurant called Santa Maria Cafe, on the southwest side of Antigua Guatemala, and Yolkobsens thought you would want to hear about this interpretation of Guatemalan food right away. It’s an odd, micro place with six tables for two.  When we got there it was going on 1 … Continue reading Santa Maria Cafe – Antigua Guatemala