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Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver in Guatemala

Ethical Fashion Guatemala Empowers Female Weaver Co-operatives in Guatemala. For most of us, the small villages, perched on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala, wouldn’t be considered a global manufacturing hub.


Guatemala Vacation Rental

As the owning a vacation rental property in Antigua Guatemala we are careful who and where we allow our property to be listed on-line.

Antigua Guatemala Rental

Antigua Guatemala Rental Posada El Ensueño Far from the maddening crowd and nested between Barrio Santa Ana and the Santa Isabel Ruins, Posada El Ensueño in Antigua Guatemala extends a welcome to all those seeking recreation and relaxation. Its proximity to the colonial city of Antigua (15 minute walk) heritage of the Americas, offers visitors … Continue reading Antigua Guatemala Rental

Antigua Guatemala has a large concentration of historical Churches

Our tour is made up of 5 villages in the Antigua Guatemala area. This is a full day trip with everything included. A trip that you will not forget soon. When you pull into town, from no matter from which direction, you will want to get walking and exploring this charming cobblestone Spanish colonial town. Your instincts will guide your feet as you will likely start in the very heart of Antigua, Parque Central. Get a feel for the place by strolling in any direction from the park.

The Pacaya Volcano tour includes climbing to the top of the volcano

Price depends on how elaborate you want to make your trip. Just about everyone we know opted for the simple half-day package and they were pretty pleased with the experience. Whether a full day or half, be prepared for a 6:30 a.m. start. You’ll get back to Antigua about 1 p.m. if you choose a half day. Or you if you’re out all day you’ll get back around 6

Jewelry in Antigua Guatemala, Jade And Silver Abound

There's a good silver and Jade Jewelry factory in another part of town. We had to ask several people where it was. We suggest you do the same if you are attempting this solo and without a bus tour guide. The store and factory were locked up and the wares under cover, since they weren't expecting tourist hordes that Saturday morning.