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OccupyWallStreet : Washington Belt Line News Update


As OccupyWallStreet moves across the US the news media reporting of the events continues to grow. I enjoyed the Michael Moore hour long interview on CNN last night about OccupyWallStreet. Keep it up Michael. Moore coined one point of view I felt hit at the heart of the problem, the 1% of big money controls government, elected official are as Moore pointed out employees of “BIG CORPORATIONS” the 1%.

I would hope that OccupyWallStreet will head to Washington to see how the employees our elected officials employed by “BIG CORPORATIONS” react? You can only expect they will all be hold up in the WaterGate Hotel as that is the place most of our elected official have Condo’s paid for yes by the 99%.

If I were making suggestions on the place to hold an OccupyWallStreet event in Washington I would focus on the area known to most in the inner circle as “The Belt Line”. The Belt Line also has another well known term for those working in this area “Belt Line Bandits”.

The Belt Line houses the offices of the Lobbyists that also control the government, the giant Law firms that consume billion of tax payers dollars by either consulting to the government or consulting for the Lobbyists.

The final waste of our money found around the Belt Line, this is made up by Big Corporations offices that are in this area for one single purpose, bid on large government contracts for services we as American’s pay for with our tax dollars taken from our income. We as the 99% have no income thus in time we can be sure our Government will be asked to bail out the Belt Line Bandits.

On October 3, 2008, the Senate passed the $700 billion bank bailout bill. The guts of the bill was the same as the three page document submitted on September 21, 2008, by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Paulson had asked Congress to approve a $700 billion bailout to buy mortgage-backed securities that were in danger of defaulting. By doing so, Paulson wanted to take these debts off the books of the banks, hedge funds and pension funds that held them.

The problem we face is as the paragraph above details The $700 Billion Bail Out went to those that created the problem not those that suffered from the problem. While I agree many home owners made bad choices, the problem is that companies were allowed to make these choices available to home owners. They the corporate executives received a $700 Billion dollar bonus in effect. They, the execs went on s spending spree, paying themselves huge bonuses.

The $700 Billion dollar US Bailout did not produce more jobs, develop new industry or employ a single person in the 99%.

The US has watched over the last few years how Social Media and the use of the Internet has effected changes in countries all over the world. The US Government, Big Money and the New Media never thought this form of protest would reach the sacred land of the United States. The words “United States” has now taken on a new meaning with OccupyWallStreet when 99% of the people are United against what has happened in the States change will occur.

Big Money cannot buy OccupyWallStreet. The Government can hide out at the WaterGate hotel hoping for this event to pass. It will not.

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